World Toilet Day just passed, here's the toilet post with art, information, bathroom demons, and more bizarre toilets/urinals


Meanwhile in Japan
Besides the demons, urban legends and weird bathrooms, they have whole restaurants dedicated to bathrooms/toilets. Wonder where this bizarre fascination comes from..

 Efficiency is key
 Say ahhhh
 I don't understand...
 Poor Fish..
 These actually aren't a bad idea for certain places, I know San Francisco could use some.
 I just don't get it...
 Now that is love...
 Hey, road trips would be shorter..
 Another one that's gota be awkward..
 That's cool
 I still don't understand, at all...
 Alien Egg Pods
 These have a nice view
 This shiny box is a publuc restroom that you can see out of, but people can't see in.
They just see a silver box, but that still has to be pretty awkward.

 I want this one⬇

When your done here you can see the original post here⬇with more Urban Legends, the story of Thomas Crapper, Sculptures, and a lot more strange and bizarre toilets and urinals:

*Updated* Strange Sculptures, Unusual Urinals, Thomas Crapper, and TOILET DEMONS!

Click this link below for some odd and amazing sculptures from galleries, plus everything from unbelievable sandcastles to Lego creations that will blow your mind, and other sculptures made from out-of-the-ordinary resources: Facebook Album: **More Amazing sculptures in this album, even some unbelievably sandcastles and Lego structures!** - -Now for the toilets/urinals- Please be sure to scroll and read the bottom after these pictures to find out who Mr. Crapper is, and other weird bathroom related facts and interesting urban legends that you have to read.

T is for Toilet

A lot more Claymation Shorts and art:

Claymation Abominations

Remember Mr. Bill or the classic Claymation Christmas stories from when you were young and the various movies every once in a while? Well not only are people still making Claymation, they've gotten pretty awesome..

Mind Space Apocalypse - @Overkill_MSA

@Overkill_MSA on Twitter - We Are Legion
Hanako-san and Kashima Reiko montage:  

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