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Slave to the Queen

A man obsessed with vampires who said he murdered his best friend because he thought it would make him immortal was jailed for life yesterday.

Judge Roderick MacDonald told 22-year-old Allan Menzies he should serve at least 18 years before being considered for parole. A jury at the High Court, Edinburgh, convicted Menzies, of Fauldhouse, West Lothian, of murdering Thomas McKendrick, 21, also of Fauldhouse. He was also found guilty of attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

Menzies had denied both counts but did admit culpable homicide on the grounds of diminished responsibility, a plea rejected by the Crown.

During the trial, the court heard that after killing his friend at home last December, Menzies dumped his corpse in a wheelie bin outside his home and later buried him in a shallow grave in nearby woodland.

After the trial, his solicitor, Aamar Anwar, said the case highlighted the social stigma surrounding mental health.
"The continued taboo and the lack of understanding or support of schizophrenia and mental health in our community can only mean tragedies like this are more likely to happen, not less."
The judge branded Menzies an
"evil and dangerous psychopath".
He said:
"Three psychologists have diagnosed you as a psychopath. In my opinion, you are an evil, violent and highly dangerous man who is not fit to be at liberty. You subjected Thomas McKendrick to a savage and merciless attack. You totally lack remorse."
The judge also ordered that Menzies serves three years for attempting to defeat the aims of justice, which will run concurrently with his life sentence.

The court had been told he had become obsessed with the film The Queen Of The Damned, which he had watched more than 100 times in the months before the killing.

Menzies claimed the film's main character, a female vampire called Akasha, used to visit his bedroom and the pair had struck a deal in which he would achieve immortality if he killed people.

The former security guard said he snapped when his friend insulted the vampire, played by the late US singer Aaliyah, battered him over the head and repeatedly stabbed him to death.

Menzies told the court that after he killed Mr McKendrick, he became a vampire and was immortal. He had claimed he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia when he attacked his best friend.

A report from a psychiatric consultant supported his claims. But three other experts rejected this diagnosis and told the court Menzies was not a schizophrenic but was suffering from an anti-social personality disorder.

He was a "vivid fantasist" but this was not evidence of a mental illness, the doctors said.

Menzies told two police officers who were driving him to his first court appearance he would "get 20 to 25 years". One of them, Detective Constable Robert Lowe, told the court: 

"He said, 'How do you think things will go today? I'm going to get 20 to 25 for this, for doing him with a hammer and my Bowie knife. But I got his soul'."

If you've never seen the movie Queen of the Damned, don't bother it sucks


Unexpected Visitor

In 1730, Hungary, there is an account of a strange series of events that were recorded by Count de Cabreras about some of the Counts’ men being stationed in Haidemaque. It was common for soldiers to end up staying in the villagers homes, and one of them was sat with the host of the house one evening, the family and friends there were sat around that night. Another soldier, the man did not know him, came in and everyone seemed nervous about his arrival but no one raised their voice to ask him to leave or cause a scene.

The next morning the soldier awoke and discovered that his host was dead, he asked if the additional and unnerving guest had been anything to do with the situation. The other people in the house then gave him a very curious explanation that the mystery guest was the host’s father and that he had been dead and buried for ten years! The soldier found out they were of the belief that the father had come back for his son. Inevitably this strange tale was relayed to other members of his regiment about the curious events. The Count de Cabreras was then informed of this and intrigued he and his men went with a surgeon in order to investigate the tale. The Count was, at the least, satisfied that the people in the house believe their story to be true.

He took his man, and the surgeon, to the graveyard where they located the father’s grave and removed the body. The boy had not decayed, it’s skin and nails had fallen off and there were signs of them growing back. It also seems that he had the blood of the living inside him, and the Count ordered that they remove the man’s head.

The story goes on to say that they asked the villagers if there were any other vampires and they recounted two others for them. One was a man that had died 30 years prior and had come back for meals to his former house on three occasions. The first was the brother who had died, the second was the son and then the third and last visit was that of a servant. All three had died having fallen prey to the vampire and when the body was exhumed they recorded it was in a similar state to the first, this time the Count ordered they they drive a nail into the corpses head.

Villagers then reported sixteen years ago a man who had then came back to take a snack on his two sons. The body again was exhumed and similar notations about it’s condition were made, with the variety of spice being life, the Count ordered the body to be burnt.

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The Hills Really Did Have Eyes The amount of victims was staggering and the way it all came to an end is pretty amazing too. Reality truly is stranger than fiction, the movie doesn't do the true story justice. Bean's crazy cannibalistic killer clan eventually grew to around 50 members, all of which were products of incest and raised in the dark mountain caves of Scotland living off of anything, and anyone, unlucky enough to cross their paths including travelers riding on the rural road that went right by their cave/home and had no idea what hit 'em.


The Hills Really Did Have Eyes. The TRUE Story Behind Wes Craven's Cult Classic Horror Movie

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