Look at this. A definite sign of the times.

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I can't help but look at this as a desperate pathetic need for attention. I really don't care what dumb shit you want to worship so you feel different and accepted, you get to paint ur nails and shop at hot topic, whatever that's your choice. Plus, hey it gives you something to argue about online. Educate yourself at least though, cause most of the talk/comments I read are just clueless nonsense, picking and choosing what parts they like (like most 'religions' now)
- Anyway, this statue is nothing more than an attempt to get media attention and exposure, period, point blank. If filing lawsuits and fighting to have this statue in certain places is really a big deal to you then, my friends, you are all a bunch of f*cking idiot moronic douche-bags in my opinion. Learn something or get behind something that matters, use what's left of that grey-matter in skull. Wake up sheep, dummies. When I see pointless shit like this over n over n over n over it gets on my nerves or I wouldn't even had said anything.

What do you think? -

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