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Most sites/blogs would've made each one of these their own post with some rambling pointless self-indulgent article where they try to witty when all you want is the content. Fuck that, for things like this we go through the available examples, weed out the bullshit, and try to bring you the best of the best content on whatever the topic is. 
These interactive videos speak for themselves and as the technology advances we'll update you with more of the best content. Comments are always welcome if you know of any new projects. The creator's sites and galleries are included if you want to learn more about them or see what they're up to. 
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy:

Vampyre Of Time and Memory

Queens of the Stone Age - Vampyre Of Time and Memory interactive experience

MANIPULATOR //// Ty Segall Interactive Music Video

Official interactive music video for Ty Segall's Manipulator

The Wilderness Downtown

An interactive short film by Chris Milk. Featuring "We Used To Wait" from Arcade Fire.

[Interactive Video] CeeLo Green "Robin Williams"

Watch CeeLo's interactive video for the new single "Robin Williams" off Heart Blanche, out Nov 2015!

ROME "3 Dreams of Black"

Check out "3 Dreams of Black" - a new an interactive film by Chris Milk. With music from the album "Rome" by Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, featuring Jack White and Norah Jones.

Arcade Fire Presents

A dance activated video by Vincent Morisset & friends featuring Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains). Webcam and broadband recommended.

Samsung Racer S

A WebGL demo optimised for mobile browsers.



Interactive 3D Design


An HTML5 game by HelloEnjoy with music by Du Tonc.

Journey to the Edge of the Earth in Coldplay's Interactive "Ink" Video

It's no secret that over at Interlude we are huge music fans. Obsessed, one might even say. So we couldn't be more excited to announce our newest interactive video for Coldplay's Ink, the fourth single from their number one album Ghost Stories.

Upgrade the Classic Quiz-Style Video with Treehouse

Have you ever felt that you relate perfectly to a character in a book? The folks behind the Kobo eReader understand your sentiment. Kobo has released an interactive quiz to answer the question, "Who is your literary alter ego?" The project, created using Treehouse, Interlude's interactive vi

Projects Gallery

Welcome to the world of interactive video, we create engaging and seamless videos you can play with. Come in and join the party!

New "360" Virtual Reality, Interactive, Music and other Videos.

Witness the future of videos, gifs, and maybe even movies. "Cinemagraphs" and 180 - 360 - degree Interactive VR Music and POV Action Videos that let you control the camera during the video.. like a camera mounted on the helmet of someone jumping off of a mountain in a flightsuit for example..

Mind Space Apocalypse: New Virtual Reality Interactive Music Video (The Weekend ft. EMINEM)

Apollo Lunar surface panoramas of the moon landings as 360 Degree virtual reality movies, GoPro spherical content...

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Mind Space Apocalypse - @Overkill_MSA

@Overkill_MSA on Twitter - We Are Legion

~YouTube Channel~

Mind Space Apocalypse

Be prepared for the coming of the Stranger. Be prepared for him who knows how to ask questions. There is one who remembers the way to your door: Life you may evade, but Death you shall not..

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