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Death be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful. It was silent as the void, and to look upon it was to know terror. It drifted above with slow, liquid-like grace, and its gaze caused madness and despair. Those it came near would take their own lives rather than endure its hellish presence.



If You Dare





Your Dark Light in the Shallow Depths of a Wonderland Nightmare. - While death and darkness girdle me I grope for immortality. - The life of Man is a long march through the night, surrounded by invisible foes, tortured by weariness and pain, towards a goal that few can hope to reach, and where none may tarry long.


*We all have a dark forest in our mind that is deep, you have to explore it to become complete, some have the ability to stroll in and out as they please, taking refuge when solitude they seek, in times of sadness, heartbreak, or when they feel weak, but some get lost, the darkness so sweet, spending eternity wandering free among the memories, the thoughts, and the trees..

"We are the offspring of history, and must establish our own paths in this most diverse and interesting of conceivable universes-one indifferent to our suffering, and therefore offering us maximum freedom to thrive, or to fail, in our own chosen way."

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More Tales of Terror and Creepy stories of the Unknown, Paranormal, and Unsolved

More of the supernatural, scary, strange, and shocking will always be added ** Gateway of the Mind - Sensory Deprivation ** Deep Web Weirdness ** As far as I know, Anneliese Michel is the most popular exorcism story, besides maybe Robbie Mannheim (who the original Exorcist was based on)...

Crazy Cannibals, Killers and Murders, Mysteries, and Evil

He confessed to police on the Thursday that the body of Tammy Jo Blanton, 46, was found. In a probable cause affidavit filed Monday, Oberhansley admitted to police that he broke into Blanton's home and stabbed her multiple times, killing her. The affidavit said after Oberhansley killed Blanton, he removed parts of her skull and...




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