Phone Booth turned into confessional, people anonymously leave messages revealing dark secrets and even some sadistic thoughts

But first: You can't even get some rays on top of a fuckin' wind turbine in privacy these days lol - just be glad that's all he was doing...


These guys decided make a random phone booth into a confessional by encouraging strangers to leave anonymous voicemail secrets, and their responses are... fascinating.

Idk why he felt the need to confess that, but okay.

The Hotline was opened in Melbourne, Australia, and people immediately started revealing their deepest, darkest secrets, and even some sadistic thoughts….

(⬆continued)and it was this guy and he was just killing them, and he got away with it for quite a while, and I thought, Well, by the time anyone catches me I’m going to be quite old. Do you know what I mean?”
Sound familiar?

“We’re getting absorbed in this holographic existence, through the means of the digital world that we’re becoming increasingly more detached with each other and detached with ourselves. And I just wonder where it’s going to end.

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Testing slideshows: Jason Voorhees the Badass of Horror slideshow

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The Slasher from Elm Street (in honor of the late Mr. Craven)

First of all, R.I.P. to Wes Craven who passed away at 76 from brain cancer complications.
This is a series of 4 short-films and prequals to 

Nightmare on Elm St.

~+Greatest Kills & Best Quotes+~

The Butcher from Elm Street:

------In honor of Wes Craven------

Freddy's Best Quotes:

Freddy's Best Kills:

If you've ever wondered what
"The Hills have Eyes"
was based on, check it out. It's Crazier than the movie and true.


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