MindSpaceApocalypse Halloween by the numbers Infographic (fullscreen)

Halloween Post 2: Interactive Insanity

Source: Halloween Post 2: Interactive Insanity Friday the 13th Post Number 1 and Number 2 Mind Space Apocalypse Free Full Movie As Long As It's Up: Bloody Pit of Horror - Based on the writing of Marquis de Sad

Halloween Post 2: Interactive Insanity

Happy Halloween. A few short-films, halloween horror quizzes, gif, pics, and some online games.



Halloween Documentary

Halloween Infographic 3 (fullscreen)

Halloween game of walnut shells.
 People would use milk to write their fortune on a plain white paper and after the paper had dried it was fooled and laid into walnut shells. Then the shell is warmed, and the writing that was once invisible on white paper would turn brown and be visible on the white paper. People also used to play the fortune teller game where different symbols were drawn and cut out and placed on a tray. Then one person would be asked to enter a dark room and place his hand on ice and then put the same hand on the plate with symbols. The cutout paper would stick on the hand hence show their fortune based on symbols. The symbols used to foretell wealth, poverty, marriage fame or good luck.

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