Your mind wants to bolt, but your heart hangs on


"When your mind wants to bolt, but you heart hangs on, it is because you don’t have the truth. We can waste so much time on something that we already feel the correct answer to, but our overthinking has twisted it into something absurd that keeps us from believing the obvious. Over time, we build our own lies and fantasies to shield us from hurt, when the truth is the quickest way to healing. It is through our own self-imposed delusions that we lose perspective. The world then becomes different to us when in fact we are different. Why? Because our ego gets in the way. Everyone wants to feel special. Everyone wants to have faith in others.
Everyone wants to believe in fairytales, happy endings and have all bad interactions with others explained. So we sit in our delusions and pray God or some higher power will intervene, not realizing you already have the truth, but you just don’t like it. This is what true mental illness really is--choosing to not accept what we know to be right. So ask yourself, who are really the "crazy" ones?

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