wholefoods got caught lying about the rabbit being FDA approved, they're selling domesticated rabbit

I'm a big 6'2 ass-whooping slipknot lovin horror movie freak with a cold black hole for a heart, but I love animals more than people and this is fucked up. I'm not a vegetarian, but we do enough horrible shit to cows and chickens and everything else. Leave these fuckin rabbits alone.
Boycott Whole Foods

Wholefoods please do not sell rabbit meat in your stores!

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"According to Whole Foods' own documents say it's acceptable that the rabbits sold may be artificially inseminated, transported up to 8 hours at a time, allowed to be starved for up to 12 hours before slaughter, and then you can imagine what a gruesome and cruel scene it is to kill these wonderful animals. Whole Foods claims the suppliers use a "non-penetrating bolt gun" to the head before hanging each individual to bleed out."

This makes me wish I could get my hands on these assholes so bad

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