Some Star-Studded Surreal and Scary Short-Films

Maybe I'm alone, but I didn't know that for the last few years NYT Magazine has teamed up with filmmakers and "actors-of-the-year" to make a series of short-short-films based on a subject.

After watching them, last year was the best in my opinion. It was Horror or "Fright Club" and the year they did villains in the "Touch of Evil" series was good too. You can see them all below and each short is only around 1 minute long. I went ahead and gathered them all because if you go looking around on NYTimes Magazine they only let you read a few articles for free and then they want you to pay for a subscription to continue, but if you still want to see the original layout and stuff, those links are below too. I'd check out "Fright Club" first, it's semi-interactive and has a pretty cool design and look to it.

Fright Club and Touch of Evil:

The Villains:
1. Jack Nance as Henry Spencer in David Lynch’s ‘‘Eraserhead’’ (1977). 
2. Images of invisible men, including ‘‘The Invisible Man’’ (1933) and a photo of the Chinese artist Liu Bolin (in front of the taxi van). 
3. The ventriloquist’s dummy Fats from ‘‘Magic’’ (1978). 
4. Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched in ‘‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’’ (1975). 
5. Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in ‘‘Wall Street’’ (1987). 
6. Charles Laughton as Captain Bligh in ‘‘Mutiny on the Bounty’’ (1935). 
7. Dominique Sanda as Anna Quadri in Bernardo Bertolucci’s ‘‘Conformist’’ (1970). 
8. The silent film star Pina Menichelli. 
9. Catherine Deneuve as Carole in Roman Polanski’s ‘‘Repulsion’’ (1965). 
10. Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker in ‘‘Bonnie and Clyde’’ (1967). 
11. Malcolm McDowell as Alex in ‘‘A Clockwork Orange’’ (1971). 
12. A still from ‘‘Green Street Hooligans’’ (2005). 
13. Lana Turner as Cora Smith in ‘‘The Postman Always Rings Twice’’ (1946).

The rest include some 'girl-power' in an all-female series, surreal dreamlike scenes in Take Flight and Wide Awake, some classic Noir with a 360 twist, "Making a Scene", some kissing, and more.. Enjoy..

Cool 360 intro to Take Flight:

The Take Flight Series:

All of the rest:

Links to articles:

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