2016 Horror Awards Nominees and Ballot

"A girl's just taking a selfie for her boyfried when something really creepy happens..." 
From FuckYouZombie
  Director, Writer, DoP: Erdal Ceylan 
 Actress, Producer: Meelah Adams Actor: Sascha Hoff 

Written and Directed by - Jason Kupfer
Produced by - Tighe Arnold
Cinematography - Marco Cordero

"When a city girl moves to her new, noisy, creaky old country home, she begins to suspect that she may have a roommate...."
From Insane-o-Rama

At the ⬇bottom, there’s a playlist of the other categories/nominees and a link to the voting ballot.
Voting closes February 26th at Midnight (eastern)
Winners announced March 3rd.
Check out the Short-Films Channel for other great Shorts.
A couple of the Short-Films nominated are on the Festival Circuit and unavailable online for the moment, but there are clips in this video and the full film will be posted as soon as they are available.

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Click HERE for the 2016 iHorror Awards Ballot to vote.
The rest of the award categories:

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"All men are like the moon, they have a dark side that no one sees"

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