The Hills Really Did Have Eyes The amount of victims was staggering and the way it all came to an end is pretty amazing too. Reality truly is stranger than fiction, the movie doesn't do the true story justice. Bean's crazy cannibalistic killer clan eventually grew to around 50 members, all of which were products of incest and raised in the dark mountain caves of Scotland living off of anything, and anyone, unlucky enough to cross their paths including travelers riding on the rural road that went right by their cave/home and had no idea what hit 'em.


The Hills Really Did Have Eyes. The TRUE Story Behind Wes Craven's Cult Classic Horror Movie

Tales of Terror 4: "The Hills Really Did Have Eyes" the Sawney Bean story

Scotland's Cannibal, Sawney Bean. The most well-known and famous movie that was inspired by or based on this insane true story was Wes Craven's "The Hills Have Eyes"...

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