The evolution of Gifs

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Check out the Gif Creator and now the Gif Melter too, enter the url of any gif and then make magic happen

Mind Space Apocalypse: NEW Chat, Gif Melter, and a Gif Creator

And now with the Gif Melter too! New free gifcreator with no downloading software, registration, or watermarks. Plus the new Mind Space Apocalypse Chat/Forum: Horror, Art, Movies, News, Shows, #WeirdIsGood - join the conversation anywhere, just use this url:

Just testing the chat thing

Mind Space Apocalypse - @Overkill_MSA

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Place Pulse | MIT Media Lab

Place Pulse is a website that allows anybody to quickly run a crowdsourced study and interactively visualize the results. It works by taking a complex question, such as "Which place in Boston looks the safest?" and breaking it down into easier-to-answer binary pairs. Internet participants are given two images and asked "Which place looks safer?"

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