Gun Control? lol, wake up

I'm not Republican or Democrat, red or blue, donkey or elephant, and definitely not a conservative. I think the 2 party system is bullshit and just another example of how choice is an illusion. I can think for myself, I don't need a programmed set of thoughts and beliefs that I can argue about with the people who chose the other set. My point is that I have no agenda or reason for posting this other than I think "gun-control" is a complete waste of time & resources and one of the biggest piles of pointless horseshit I've ever heard. You must live under a rock if you don't agree, it doesn't matter if you're pro- or anti- gun, facts are facts and not only can you get illegal firearms just as easy as you can get some weed or anything illegal and 
it's easier to get an illegal firearm than a legal one, I could literally get an illegal gun right now if I wanted to..
 but check out the shit you can make with just some scrap metal...

Impro Guns

The International Commission on Global Improvised Arms Proliferation.... (by ImproGuns)

Mind Space Apocalypse

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