Bootleg Epic Universe Shaye Lazers Saint Turbo Unicorns

 Pure F**king Epicness: The Short-Films Kung Fury, Harlequin, Punisher, Arbiter, Candidate, Spawn, and more
No word describes these shorts better than epic, if you've never seen them you're in for a treat. I couldn't find the Turbo Kid movie for free, but there's a playlist with trailers and awesome gory clips and if I do find it I will update it.

More Tales of Terror and Creepy stories of the Unknown, Paranormal, and Unsolved

More of the supernatural, scary, strange, and shocking will always be added Anneliese Michel and other possessions The Father Urbain Possessions and Trial Recent "verified" Exorcism +more The Underground City of Death - STORY BEFORE FOOTAGE - - 'WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?' "So i was walking with my dog in the evening just before...

Mind Space Apocalypse - @Overkill_MSA

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We Are Legion

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