Amy Schumer's "Controversial" GQ/Star Wars Photoshoot and funny videos.

*First of all I wanna say I can't believe the hate and bullshit she's getting for this photoshoot, it's comedy, not porn you fuckin' pansies. I'd hate to live in your world.
And I feel sorry for you if you're a weak enough person to be offended by this, you must be offended all day every day by everything. I'm a Star Wars fan, not a psychotic obsessed delusional weirdo that believes it's real and speaks wookie, but a fan and I thought it was great. 
When I saw the countless douche bags giving their, 
oddly similar,..
opinion about how it's offensive and disrespects the franchise I had to say something because it's fucking ridiculous. Honestly it's probably the best thing Star Wars will be putting out any time soon.
Do your thing Amy, fuck them. Plus it's sexy and you look fuckin' great so don't listen to these dipshit haters, their whole life revolves around finding something to whine about.👍👍

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