Nurse, Dale 57, took selfie with axe he allegedly planned to use to behead and eat a 14-yr-old..

Nurse Dale Bolinger posed with the large axe he allegedly planned to use to behead a teenage girl before eating her. The father-of-four bought the three-foot handle weapon from Homebase the day before he went to meet the 14-year-old. He boasted about the axe to the girl called 'Eva Gonza' - whose true identity is still unknown - on a website called Dark Fetish Network. Before sending her the selfie Bolinger wrote in a chatlog:
"I've got the cleaver and the experience. Really want to do it? I would want to have your body afterwards for food..."
He then said: "I'll show you my cleaver and chopping block if you want.."
'Eva' replied: "I hope it was bigger"
Bolinger, 57, responded: "It's big enough. And very sharp. How wide is your neck then?"
The following day in September 2012 he went to Ashford International rail station in Kent expecting to meet the girl but she failed to turn up. A jury heard his plan was uncovered by the FBI who found him chatting on the internet about rape, murder and cannibalism calling himself 'meatmarketman'.
His chatlogs also included boasts he had already eaten a 39-year-old black woman and a five-year-old child. Bolinger discussed how much more tender the meat is from children and got sexual gratification from his fantasies about cannibalism, the prosecution told Canterbury Crown Court. He told the court he had never murdered or eaten anyone and his online boasts were pure fantasy.
When asked why he had bought the axe he told police: "There was a sale on." Bolinger, from Canterbury, who was married for 34 years, told the jury his interest in cannibalism began as a child but developed after puberty.
The jury has heard that he has already pleaded guilty to an offence of administering a poison or noxious substance 'with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy' on a woman in July 2, 2010. He is now on trial accused of 'attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming', which he denies.
- The case continues.

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